Sunday, August 22, 2010

Walking the day away...

I love to walk everyday. I get up to walk puppies and feed kitties and then I try so hard to find the time during the day to walk for me. It is difficult to actually take that time out of your life to do it, but it is worth it when you actually start to feel better. I have a few dear friends that will take time out and walk with me and it makes it go so much faster, but it the time when they are not there it is the hardest. I know that I don't walk as far or as fast and if I am outside, I tend to stare at the sky and walk like I have lazy bones. I don't particularly think I even have a lazy bone, which is funny because my home is sort of cluttered and my car is definitely in need of attention. I think I would just rather stay busy with anything than to take care of either, so I will walk first. The dogs, the mall, Lake Mayer, the beach, my neighborhood, Forsyth Park or downtown.... just anywhere! Then I get in the vehicle that needs attention and go home where I really need to stay for a month and clean up and in my mind I am already thinking of things to do with my daughter or husband or family or just anything to keep me from doing what needs to be done with the home and vehicle. I know that there are people out there who are like me, but I see that they have spent that month or so at home and taken care of business and the only business I have taken care of at home, is keeping up with the classes I teach. I will stay home and do what needs to be done soon... but for now, I think I need to go for a little walk!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

When I woke up today, I realized that I am quickly becoming the kitty guru. I had two calls within 15 minutes and both of them were asking about what to do with their sick kittens. I went through and explained what to do to both friends and then I made some kitty care packages for them to pick up. If there was a vet school close to Savannah, I would be all over that!